Photographer Robert Scott Hooper's first pictorial for Playboy Magazine, "Sex in the Automobile" published during the magazine's heyday, was the natural progression of his lifelong love affair with women and cars. The Playboy audience could identify and made it one of the most popular pictorials in the magazines history.
Hooper's come a long way since then and photographed a lot of women with a lot of cars over the years. AutoErotica is the dream book project he finally has the time to produce. Where "Sex in the Automobile" was a photo layout illustrating how cars contributed to sex education and eventually the sexual revolution, AutoErotica focuses on how much exotic cars and a woman's body share stimulating curves. The exotic cars chosen for the book are nothing if not "sexy" and the women whose skin meets the metal are every man's dream.

We know why a woman's body is provocative, but what is it about exquisite cars that gets a man excited? Can the soft shape of a Bugatti grill be erotic? Why do jutting bullet tail lights on a ‘59 Cadillac stir carnal sensations? Beautiful cars are sexy to women as well as men as evidenced by the way women flock to men in hot cars. It doesn't much matter if he is a "dweeb" as long as he is driving a Ferrari.
Yvette Lopez in a 1966 GT40 Mark 1 as photographed by R. Scott Hooper.
Hooper has found the perfect "vehicle" to express his love. A big, luscious coffee table book of over a hundred pages where car lovers can linger. These are not the cheesy photos of girls in bikinis in front of cars that are found in numerous car magazines. Rather each 11x14 page is a piece of art, with some images spanning the full 28 inches of the open book. Both vintage classics and ultramodern high tech vehicles will fill the pages, handpicked by Hooper for their unique and beautiful design. He carefully chooses the model to fit the car and makes sure that what little clothing she does wear compliments them both. The perfect car with the perfect woman wrapped around it's parts. Every mans fantasy.
Yvette Lopez on the hood of a 1966 GT40 Mark 1 as part of the coffee table book of exotic cars.
Keep your eyes on this website for updates on the books progress and, of course, plenty of photos to whet your appetite.
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