When Hooper started work on his book, Auto Erotica, he found that the more time he could spend alone with each car studying it, the better it would be to shoot a girl with the vehicle later. Having a secure studio, he convinced some of the car owners to agree to leave their "pride & joy" at the Hooper studio for up to a week.

The first couple of days were spent studying the car's angles, noticing where the natural light from the studios windows fell and getting to know all its curves intimately. Then more time as spent rigging lighting and photographing tests on the spots he wanted to use later. It was only after several days of this preliminary work that the model, who had been selected carefully to fit the car, was brought in for a couple of days of photography.

This meant that there were a good deal of great photos of the car itself, without a gorgeous girl draped across it. So the idea was born to create "personal car books" for the owners of fabulous automobiles. A private owners book that would be a loving portrait of the cherished automobile filled with images of its unique lines and details. When your awesome car can't be there for a gathering, this book can. Infinitely better than wallet sized photos showing your "baby".

Exotic automobile coffee table book cover High quality binding of the personal coffee table book.

These custom 11x14 leather bound books open to a full 28" wide, truly a coffee table art book. They have up to 44 pages designed to showcase each individual car to its best advantage. Unlike a printed book, these pages are actual photographic prints reproduced on special silver paper that adds such depth to the photographs they almost appear 3D. Each page is mounted on backing to make the pages stiff and strong, and hand bound together in a padded leather book that comes in a variety of color choices. The complete package includes a black bag with handles so the more than 20 lb book can easily be carried to meetings or gatherings.

Photographic prints reproduced in custom coffee table book. Showcase your car in this personalized art book.

As an additional option, we also offer a short video along with the book. The video will feature still photographs and high quality video footage of the car edited together with original music that you can pop in your DVD player and show on your high definition television.

Music by Ron Gibson and Kevin MacLeod
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